Yoga is about connection.  Connecting to who we really are, right there, in the moment. Knowing that the present moment is all we truly have, yoga helps cultivate the spirit of oneness and union within. 

I started practicing almost 30 years ago (yikes!) in a church basement in an ill-fitting leotard.  My mom took me to try to help me connect with my body, which was already starting to really piss me off.  I didn't want boobs or curves then, I just wanted to be rail thin and look like the women in the magazines. 

Yoga has helped me discover that my body is a beautiful manifestation of the divine (exactly the way it is right now!) Yoga has shown me that I am not broken, but rather perfectly imperfect. I practice yoga to remember who I really am, to bring me peace, and to push me out of my comfort zone into areas I need to grow.  

My passion is teaching yoga and meditation.  I teach a slow flow vinyasa class that is both grounding and inspiring.  Everyone is encouraged to listen to their own bodies and connect with their own divine source.  All levels are welcome at all times.  

I believe that all people can benefit from yoga, no matter what is going on with them.  My classes are encouraging, challenging, full of carefully curated music, and open to everyone, regardless of their experience, injuries, or doubts about their abilities. You can find me at Perennial Yoga + Meditation in Fitchburg, WI. I am proud to call Perennial my yoga home. 


I also offer private yoga + meditation lessons.  Contact me to chat if you want to explore private instruction.