katie hill

Creating education, community and support around body confidence…

because all girls and women deserve the knowledge and skills to cultivate self-worth, self-respect, and self-confidence.


I’m Katie Hill.

Teacher. Yogi. Mum. Tattooed Gemini. Badass Warrior. Confidence Crusader. Rebel.

I teach women and girls how to feel confident in their own skin and how to feel worthy and loved in the body they have, right now. I teach skills to cultivate self-worth and self-confidence so together, we can change the world with our creative energy. My mission is to show women that they themselves hold the key to their confidence, their growth and transformation and their happiness.

We are given one body. Let’s discover how to love and take care of her.

I help women love their bodies from the inside out. From this love comes freedom, joy and confidence. It doesn’t matter if you are 8-years old or 98-years old. It is time to embrace your unique body and love her with abandon. I’m here to teach you how.