Rebel Workshops are an amazing way to connect with yourself and with other badass women, in real life!

Small groups of women gathering together and discussing real life issues around health, confidence, self-worth, and purpose….yummmm. These workshops are for women who are willing to skip the small talk and jump right into the juicy conversation, tackling topics surrounding self-respect, worthiness, nourishment, joy, pleasure and love. You know, the easy stuff :)

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Sensual Sirens: Discovering the power of your divine sensuality

Join this small group workshop held in Middleton, Wisconsin on Wednesday evenings from 6pm to 8pm, with a pre-workshop5:30 appetizers/drinks/socialization.

This workshop takes place from September 11-October 2, 20219.

This workshop is limited to 10 female participants.

At the end of this workshop, you will:

  • Discover your own unique sensual pattern

  • Learn how to incorporate your sensuality into your daily life

  • Learn new sensual practices that go way beyond bubble baths or massages

  • Define and overcome obstacles to feeling sensual during your everyday life

  • Take a special guided field trip adventure that will open doors to your own pleasure

Part One: Discovering Your Own Divine Sensuality [September 11, 2019]

What does it mean to be sensual? How do you unlock your own inner sensuality, even if it’s been seemingly dead for a long time? This installment of the Rebel Sensual Siren workshop will define what it means to be in possession of your own divine sensuality. A great interactive exercise will help you define your own sensual pattern and discover ways to make your own siren come alive.

Part Two: Sensual Siren Practices [September 18, 2019]

What does it mean to be divinely sensual in every day life? This workshop introduces several sensual practices that you can practice alone or with someone else that go way beyond our normal perception of pleasure. Connection. Vulnerability. Honesty. Love. All of these come with sensual practices that make life full of joy and connection.

Part Three: Overcoming Barriers to Sensuality [September 25, 2019]

Work. Kids. Exhaustion. Schedules. Responsibilities. How in the world do we feel sensual when we are so damn tired and overwhelmed? This module discusses common barriers to feeling sensual and flips the paradigm about sensuality so that it becomes the leader of our choices, not something we fit in when everything else is complete.

Part Four: Sensual Field trip [October 2, 2019]

Join the Katie on a local field trip to learn more about divine personal pleasure. Details announced at the first meeting. This field trip is a fun, safe and enjoyable discussion of divine feminine pleasure and an opportunity to ask pleasure and sensuality experts all your questions.