The Steps We Take Together

Coaching with me follows a general process, but is guided by intuition, wisdom, and the unique needs of each client. In general, you can expect to cover all four areas as we bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to go.

We start with you.

  • A brief history of your life's ups and downs
  • A current state of life, health, and work
  • We look at the big picture as well as specific areas of pain/stress
  • We define goals and dreams


We introduce new tools and skills.

  • I teach you the latest brain science and tools and tricks
  • We look at the relationships between your life, health + work
  • We decide what you can STOP doing
  • We create a plan for change
  • We keep it clear, simple, and fun

We dig in deeply.

  • We look at the stories or beliefs that hold you back
  • We question negative self-beliefs
  • We obliterate self-doubt, fear, and build confidence and passion
  • How can you be more present and alive in your life?


We experience the changes. 

  • We feel shifts in cognition and have our a-ha! moments
  • We evaluate and make adjustments to our plans
  • We become aware of how slowing down and taking better care of ourselves makes life so much better

I offer free 30-minute introductory sessions. If you're interested in meeting, just find a time that works great for you. 

If you're not quite ready to pull the trigger, no worries. I know this is a very personal decision. You can sign up for my email newsletter below or head over to my blog for some articles on taking better care of you!