What do you have in common with Michael Jordan, Lady Gaga, Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama ?

The most successful people in the world had coaches.

We all need help sometimes.

Transitions. Changes. Chaos. Stress. Love. Heartbreak. Illness. Loss. Awakenings.

It’s all part of the human experience. However, it is not meant to be experienced alone. We are meant to support each other as we grow.

My superpower is empowering people to accept and love who they are.

The good. The bad. The really, really ugly. All of it. The light and the dark. The yin and the yang. The unforgivable mistakes and the unexpected triumphs.

These are the key tenants of my coaching philosophy.

  • You are not broken.

  • You have within you everything you need to grow.

  • You must take responsibility for the creation of your life.

  • You are worth everything and anything you can even imagine, and more.

  • It is time for you to stop hiding your greatness.

  • The key to your brilliance is not in your mind.

  • Your only job on this planet is to be truly you.

  • Figuring out what the hell that means is the journey you are on.

  • The path is paved by radical honesty, humor, surrender and love.

I coach using a process and framework developed through formal education in psychology, multiple certifications, years of coaching, mentoring and quite frankly, trial and error. This relationship is a very important bond, so being very thoughtful about it is key.

Don’t waste another moment doubting yourself.

It’s time to go there. It’s time to have a plan.

Step 1: Fill out the 1:1 VIP Coaching Application.

Step 2: Schedule 30-minutes for a free introductory call.

Step 3: Get your helmet on and your seatbelt fastened, because we are going to move mountains.


I work with just a few special clients a month so I can provide a concierge coaching experience.

I coach in 30-day blocks.

The investment for 30-days of 1:1 VIP coaching is $1,275 (or 4 monthly payments of $399).

I know I’m worth the investment. The question is do you believe YOU are?

Ask yourself: If my life changed as a result of this coaching, what would that be worth?