You are personally invited to join the Rebel Collective.

The Rebel Collective is the safest place for people to learn about body confidence, radical self-care, nourishment, movement and pleasure and to support other women who are working on loving themselves exactly as they are.

This free (closed) Facebook group is for you if you:


* Want to feel confident in your own skin, right now
* Want to understand the key shifts you need to make to accept and love yourself
* Are interested in a different approach and model for self-care ( aka, one that works!)
* Are tired of feeling like you are not enough or not worthy of your dreams
* Are confused about what you should eat and how you should move
* Are fed up with society’s notion that you are supposed to be something that you are not
* Want to transform your feelings and attitudes about your body
* Want the company and support of other amazing women who are also done dieting, suffering, judging and losing their time and energy to feeling bad about their bodies

Learn more about Katie Hill, founder of Rebel Wellness and the moderator of the Rebel Collective.

Even Rebel’s Need Rules Sometimes…..
* Be kind and supportive. 
* No judgement of other people. 
* Be active in posting questions, struggles, and brags. Don’t just lurk and watch. We need your voice. 
* No promotion of your business or endeavor please.
* Swearing is fine, just not in a mean way or directed at someone. Sometimes the f-bomb is the only word that works.
* I will occasionally talk about my programs, workshops and retreats. 
* I can kick out anyone who violates a rule or is a jerk.
* Respect everyone. I mean it. Disagreement and challenge is great, but keep it respectful, kind and helpful.