I preach about feeling confident. I sing about transforming fear. I kickstart personal revolutions.


Big auditoriums or backlit stages. Brown bag lunch n' learns. Conference keynotes. Your local bookclub.

If you want to learn about the mind-body-soul connection and how it can change your life, your confidence, your business, your relationships….I am your speaker.

I give presentations and workshops on rebel body confidence, mindfulness and presence at work and home, self care and the mind-body connection.

I teach people how to stop being overstressed, overwrought, overmedicated, numbed-out zombies and how to become alert, aware, and truly alive. I'm about shifting the paradigm of busy-ness to one of fulfillment. 

I believe we are all meant to be ourselves. Brilliantly radically ourselves.

I teach the way of slowing down, paying attention to the present moment, and connecting deeply with ourselves in order to live the lives we are all deeply craving.

Strength, character, and to always live in the moment! Katie did a magnificent workshop with my team of mid-level administrators – they enjoyed every minute of this session. She encouraged us to embrace and be aware of our senses and surroundings at all times. Her relaxation and stress release techniques helped guide us to a more grounded lifestyle. Overall, her inner strength in the face of challenges and sincere interest in others’ well-being was inspirational. Thank you!
— Leslie Petty, UW-Madison School of Business
Katie’s energy and passion for life are enthralling and captivating. She holds onto your attention and doesn’t let go.
— Margaret Long, AT&T
Katie is a great speaker. She communicates well and keeps the audience engaged. I also liked that it wasn’t just a sit and listen to someone talk for 3 hours, you kept us energized and as many of the attendees said I could have listened to her talk for 3 more hours!
— Nichole Rohrich, BEK Communications

I'm not your ordinary speaker. I'll shake things up.