What You'll Be Doing In Costa Rica!

So, you're thinking about coming on our sweet retreat to Costa Rica.  I bet you'd like to have a sense of what we are going to do!  Here are some ideas.  

Book your flight for Saturday, February 23th.  Try to time it so you can get to the resort for dinner time (around 6pm.)

Saturday evening:  Enjoy dinner with your fellow retreat friends (new and old!) 6pm followed by a little intro to our retreat program and followed by some restorative yoga and guided meditation.  Then head to the hot tub for a little dip before heading to bed. 

Sunday - Wednesday

Wake up with the sun and the birds.  Pre-breakfast yoga and meditation.  Then we head for an uber-delicious breakfast and great conversation.  Meet back after 90 minutes of breakfast for some thoughts and lessons on living a heart based life. Sean will lead us through some meditation that will feel like 5 minutes but will really be 25.  Then we will play with some tools and questions to help you get to know yourself better.  

Then we will be ravenous and will head off to eat some lunch. Then all afternoon you have free.  You can get some one-on-one coaching with Katie, some Reiki with Sean, you can get a massage, go for a swim, explore Costa Rica, go on a zip line through the jungle or you can take a nap.  You get to choose.  We meet back at 5pm for a flow class and some meditation.  Then dinner and social time.  After some pleasant digestion, an optional yin class with some yoga nidra before bed. Zzzzzzzzz. Rinse and repeat.

Thursday - this is the day we will have a morning program, breakfast, more yoga and meditation and then we'll head back home to our "real lives" with lots of tools and ideas on how to live happy, heart based, desire filled lives.    

Try to book your flights after noon on the 28th so you don't miss anything.  

Many of our previous participants stayed past the last day of the retreat to explore Costa Rica. If you would like to stay an extra day or two or five, you can let Pura Vida Reservations know and you can book and extra days for a discounted group rate. 

Are you as excited as I am?  It's almost not possible:) 

Reserve your spot today. 

Call Pura Vida Reservations at 888-767-7375 Ext. 233 

Questions? Contact me with any questions you may have. Nothing is too big or too small to ask:)