I believe in connection.  

When we connect with who we really are, and fall deeply, madly and passionately in love with ourselves, we achieve our sole purpose in life.    

To shine.

I believe that my only job in this world is to be the most "me" I can be.  This takes bravery, vulnerability, and a powerful commitment to stay connected to my own heart.  

It means living my life from a soulful, loving, kind, flawed, imperfect, passionate place.  

It means showing up. 

I believe that if we all connect with who we really are, we can then connect with each other.  These powerful, soulful connections are what bring magnetic clarity, inspire dazzling change, and create revolutions.


Inside these connections of true love, tribal friendship,  + soul drenching community, we can light up this world like a shimmery 70's disco ball. 

Let's drop the self-help, the self-harm, the striving for what we can never be.  Just Stop. 

I am going to be me.

I want you to be YOU. 

So, let's commit to eating almond butter from the jar, taking long naps, singing arias in the shower and hip-hop in the car. Let's stand on our heads and get tattoos and walk barefoot on the grass.  If it lights us up like a firefly on a summer night, let's do it.  

Can't wait to see you on the dance floor....