Join the 2016 Goddess Group

Join a community of women all looking to improve their lives and happiness and change the world by taking better care of themselves, supporting each other, and living outside the comfort zone. 

This community will support each other as we explore 11 key areas of self love (desire, nourishment, movement, pleasure, self-care, mindfulness, connection, abundance, purpose, vulnerability, gratitude). We will share our journey in self care and inspire and motivate each other by being open, honest and vulnerable in a community of passionate goddesses. 

By being a part of the community, you will benefit from: 

  • A monthly in-person gathering with potluck food, hot tea, divine conversation, and thought provoking, life changing questions. Meetings take place on the first Sunday afternoon of each month (*except for July, which is the second Sunday of the Month)
  • Meetings take place in Middleton, WI (at my home) on Sunday afternoons from 3:30-6:00pm.
  • A closed/private online forum (via Facebook) to use for inspiration, support, and communion with your tribe on a daily basis. Contact with a certified life and health coach (me!) on a daily basis through the forum. 
  • Weekly emails from me with tips, tricks and articles of interest.
  • Life coaching support and access via email/text during the entire process.  
  • Support and care from other members of the Goddess Group.

Each month we cover a new theme, then spend the rest of the month working on mastering that theme for our lives. 

Investment: $45 per month - billed automatically each month. Each goddess pays each month, even if you can't show up physically for the meeting. This encourages putting the group as a high priority, thus committing to yourself to the process. 

50% of profits will be donated to a women's charity that the group will choose. 



Desire + Goal Setting

  • start the year off by identifying your desires
  • create goals with soul to guide you throughout the year
  • provide accountability for each other to live the lives we really want
  • learn a system for checking in with your desires daily, weekly, and  monthly 
  • begin to unlock how you want to feel on a daily basis


Food + Nourishment

  • understanding how to best nourish our bodies
  • the role food plays in our happiness
  • making small, manageable micro changes towards health
  • understanding the basics of nutrition and bio-individuality
  • losing extra weight by using pleasure
  • creating small changes in our nutrition on a daily basis
  • creating loving rituals around food and nourishment


Exercise + Movement

  • finding and exploring the best ways to move our bodies
  • the all or nothing trap: how just taking 10 minutes can change our body
  • exercise as fun, not punishment 
  • understanding your exercise type and what you need to feel the best
  • how taking 10 minutes a day to move can change your entire life
  • creating loving and nurturing rituals around movement


Self Care + Ritual

  • identifying what you need to do to feel like you're taking care of yourself
  • understand the places where you put yourself last
  • learn what rituals are the most meaningful and powerful to you
  • learn how to wrap self-care into your daily life
  • how to avoid putting off self care
  • the reasons why taking care of you is good for other people
  • how to explain your self care rituals to other people in your life


Sex + Pleasure

  • identifying the things that bring you the most pleasure
  • leaning into our sensuality on a daily basis as a means of self-care
  • learning the relationship between sensuality and sexuality
  • the truth about orgasm and how to enjoy yours
  • understanding why pleasure is the key to unlocking your biggest dreams
  • exploring desire and the pros and cons of 'wanting'
  • creating pleasurable rituals for every day



  • identify what being mindful will do for your life
  • learn where you are least mindful
  • identify where you are most mindful
  • learn how to teach mindfulness to others in your life
  • become aware of what needs attention in your life and what does not


Relationships + Connection

  • identify the people who make us the happiest and those who drain us
  • learn what kind of connection you are seeking and how to find it
  • understand spiritual and physical connection and why you need both
  • discover your connection to your mind and your body and how by treating yourself with love you can create lasting changes
  • how connection to your deepest desires are essential to living a joyful life


Money + Abundance

  • Learn how to live an abundant life with what you already have
  • Discover how to attract more abundance into your life
  • Define what it means to live abundantly 
  • Understand the fears around lack and attack that make you feel stress and anxiety
  • Learn to manifest what you most desire
  • Get straight with your money and financial goals


Career + Purpose

  • how to figure out your life's purpose or dharma
  • how your life's purpose and career are related (and how they are not)
  • why purpose is more important than career choice
  • how to live a life with purpose
  • how self care and work are tightly related and how to do more than "work"
  • creating rituals and plans related to your life's purpose


Vulnerability + Good Enough

  • learn what vulnerability and shame look and feel like
  • identify key areas of your life where you feel vulnerable
  • learn how to cope when you feel like you're not good enough
  • learning to embrace being good enough from a spiritual perspective
  • understand your core need to feel loved and accepted 
  • understand what a vulnerability hangover is and how you can recognize it
  • discover coping mechanism for feeling vulnerable


Gratitude + Giving

  • identify the things you are most grateful for
  • how to start a gratitude practice
  • how gratitude defeats anxiety and depression
  • learn easy ways to incorporate gratitude in your life
  • challenge yourself to show your gratitude in new and unique ways


Yearly Recap + Lessons Learned

  • revisit topics we've covered over the year
  • recap your progress and strides you have made 
  • map your initial goals to your achievements
  • review any material that is still unclear

Exact Dates of Monthly Meetings: 

January 3
February 7
March 6
April 3
May 1
June 5
July 10
August 7
September 4
October 2
November 6
December 4

Join the 2016 Goddess Group 

First payment is processed on January 3rd, 2016. I will collect payment information during the first meeting. 

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