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To schedule your free session, click on one of the links below. For Madison area residents, I take in-person appointments in my home office which is located in Middleton, WI by the West Side Target.  If you're not local, no worries, most of my clients are from afar, and phone sessions are wonderful as well. Just snuggle up in a comfy chair, pour yourself a nice beverage, and we'll start shifting things in your life. 

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I meet with Katie once a month and since we started working together 7 months ago, I have lost 50lbs, reignited the passion in my marriage, and changed my career plans. Coaching was the catalyst, the spark I needed to realize that I was being lazy and fearful in my life and I can’t thank Katie enough for her help and inspiration.
— Lisa B.
I wasn’t sure what to expect when it came to getting a “coach” but I can safely say that working with Katie changed my whole life. I think everyone can benefit from having a positive, optimistic coach like Katie, if only to point out when you are saying crazy things to yourself. I have changed some bad habits, started creating a life that I am proud to live. Most importantly, I feel comfortable in my own skin. Finally.
— Beth L.