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Ever wonder what it's like to work with a life coach? Wonder no more, dear one. You can get a free 30 minute session with me. Just book your session here and we'll chat about what it's like to work with a coach!   *Offer valid only for new clients.

Free 8-minute Guided Meditation

Want to meditate but need a little help? Download this FREE 8 minute guided meditation. Put it on your phone and listen to it anytime you need a little break. Listen to it when you're stressed, listen to it before bed, listen to it when you're cultivating mindfulness. Just don't listen to it when you're driving. That's just dangerous.

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Free Loving Kindness Meditation

Trying to Kick Sugar to the Curb? Download my Free 21 Day Detox eBook!

This program is one that I believe in, based on the folks at The idea is that you eat fresh veggies, a little fruit, lean protein and eliminate toxic foods like sugar and processed garbage from your diet. Sounds easy right? NOPE. It's a bitch. However, if you take it one day at a time, it can be manageable. Check out the day-by-day plan.