Who needs a coach?

The easy answer is everyone. The longer answer is that anyone who is looking for some help in their lives. People who want to create change and who need someone to help them navigate the waters are  great candidates for coaching.  


How does coaching work?

We meet for one hour, either by phone or in person.  We talk about what YOU want to talk about. I ask questions. You think and answer.  Through the use of tools and techniques I learned from Martha Beck, we uncover what's blocking you and blow up the obstacle. Each session's topic is determined by you. 


How much does coaching cost?

I think of coaching as a major investment in your overall well being. While it's not cheap, it is valuable in ways that you will have access to for the rest of your life. I charge $210 per session, and also offer group programs that are individually priced.


Where is your office?

I work out of my beautiful home office in Middleton, WI.  If you come to my office, you can expect candles, tea, and the presence of a therapy dog (and his cat companion, Millie).


Is coaching confidential?

Yes. Absolutely. I keep the same confidentiality as a doctor or therapist. 


What are your credentials?

I am both a Holistic Coach, accredited by the AADP, and a Certified Martha Beck Coach.  I also have a degree in Psychology from UW-Madison.  I am also a E-RYT certified yoga instructor and am working on getting certified in TRE, Dr. Bercelli's revolutionary Trauma and Stress Releasing Exercises.  I am always learning and growing.