Coming Home to You
Pura Vida Resort and Spa

February 23-February 28, 2019

Join yoga + meditation teachers Katie Hill and Sean Ward on a retreat to Pura Vida Resort in Costa Rica. For five beautiful days we will open our hearts, quiet our minds, and focus on our deepest truths. 

Through a deep yoga + meditation practice, we will still our busy minds and open to our intuitive energy. Breathing deeply in this space, we will use our innate creativity to tap into our deepest desires: how we want to live, how we want to contribute, how we want to love. We will harness this energy to come home to who we really are, and from this place create intentions and practical solutions for living our truth in the "real world". 

All experience levels are welcomed and encouraged to attend.  RESERVE YOUR SPOT  by calling reservations at 888-767-7375 x233 or emailing  This retreat will sell out, so don't wait too long to reserve your space! A $500 deposit will hold your room.

Included in your investment: 2 daily yoga practices, meditation practices, creative self-inquiry exercises, dharma talks, 3 beautiful meals per day (vegetarian, chicken + fish) and your choice of room. 


About Katie Hill:  Katie Hill is a lover of life, yoga, slow food, conversation, self-inquiry, and dancing with reckless abandon. A yoga + meditation teacher for 10 years, a student of the practice for 28 years, her teaching style is one of grace, acceptance, and love. Honoring each student's ability, Katie holds space for every one of her students to grow and bloom in their own way. Katie writes at



About Sean Ward:   Sean Ward is a yoga teacher, a long-time seeker and meditation enthusiast.  His goal is to bring contemporary expressions and insightful teachings to promote inner peace through presence; strength via vulnerability; and a realization of Oneness through the universality of all of our issues.  Sean writes at



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Testimonial from a yogi

"I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived in Costa Rica for Katie and Sean’s heart-opening retreat. What I found was an exhilarating immersion into mindful, soul-centered living. I learned new asanas, to be sure, but I also learned how to live in a more engaged and heart-centered way than I thought possible.

My Yoga practice deepened considerably and the insights I discovered thanks to Katie and Sean’s teaching remain with me daily. Katie leads her classes fearlessly, sweetly, open-heartedly. Her creativity and wit burn bright. She has the poised acuity of someone whose practice is meaningful and hard-won, and she shares her wisdom with open-handed generosity. Her loving intention to create more ease, more space, and greater skillfulness in the lives of her students is crystal clear. Her Yoga Nidra is a not-to-be-missed delight.

Sean teaches Yoga and meditation with a beautiful evenness. He communicates the equanimity-boosting effects of daily Vipassana practice with diamond-like clarity, not only with his instructions but with his very being. Though his energy work is enormously powerful (I truly hope you get to experience an Inward Journey with him), there is also a lightness and a playfulness about him, and students of all levels can benefit from his teaching.

The retreat was truly transformative for me. I can only attribute my experience to the peaceful, yet safe, challenging, yet compassionate environment that these two teachers fostered. The wisdom Sean and Katie shared so generously and humbly and humorously still resonates in my life. If what they’re offering strikes a chord with you, go! You will come away with a deeper understanding of who you really are."  

Julia Bond, Austin, TX