Sex. Love. Relationships. 

I coach people who are interested in learning how to love themselves more. I believe that one of our greatest purposes in life is to learn how to love ourselves deeply while we love others.  I coach people on being fully present in their relationships, whether they are just beginning or coming to a end. And yes, I coach women about sex, sensuality, pleasure, and honoring oneself as a beautiful manifestation of the divine feminine. 

I am like the big sister you've always wanted. I'm going to tell you the truth. 

I am like the mirror you've avoided, because you can't quite understand the beauty. 

I am passionate about having real conversations about real life issues. This kind of coaching is intuitive, messy, and very, very deep. We will go to all the places you need to go to excavate your soul. I will hold your hand, and I will help you discover that you hold the answers to everything already. 

It's brilliant. 

You end up being the solution to your own problems. 


I work with a very specific kind of person - someone who is committed, passionate, inspired and open. My clients are people who are fed up with the status quo and are interested in starting to live the lives they really want to live. 

The greatest recommendations come from my clients.

If you're ready to talk, send me a message by clicking on the big button below. I'm waiting to hear from you. 

I meet with Katie once a month and since we started working together 7 months ago, I have lost 50lbs, reignited the passion in my marriage, and changed my career plans. Coaching was the catalyst, the spark I needed to realize that I was being lazy and fearful in my life and I can’t thank Katie enough for her help and inspiration.
— Lisa B.

Katie will ask you questions that will make you think about your life in a whole new way. Nothing is off limits, you can confide in her about anything. I’ve never met anyone who is as non-judgemental and open as Katie is.
— Emily K.