Join me for the amazing 4 part coaching series where I teach you tools, tips and strategies for taking your life to the next level. 

Class One: Essential Self - NOV 19

  • Learn the difference between your essential self and your social self
  • Identify what your essential self is wanting and how your social self is holding you back
  • Understanding the hidden fears holding you back

Class Two: The Tool of Self-Inquiry - NOV 26 

  • Using inquiry to figure out what you really, really want
  • Learn 5 questions to always be asking yourself to guide your life
  • Learn how to listen to your true instinct versus your fears

Class Three: Body Compass and Intuition - DEc 3

  • Learn how to use your body to make decisions
  • Learn what intuition feels like
  • Understand why your body is more powerful than your mind (sometimes!) 
  • Learn when you should check in with your body compass to steer your life

Class Four: Habits and Behaviors - Dec 10

  • Learn how to create new habits to support your life
  • Learn why people fail at creating new habits and how you can succeed
  • Learn how you can make small changes for HUGE results


This amazing program is virtual. You will be sent a free conference bridge line after sign-up.  The program starts on November 18th at 4pm and will last one hour. Bring an open and inquisitive mind. You'll have the opportunity to ask questions as we will be going deep! 

If you can't make it to a class, a link will be sent to each participant with a recording after each call, so you can listen as many times as you would like!

Don't hesitate to contact me with questions.