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How to Create Lasting Change

Here's the punchline. It's the small, easy, fun, enjoyable things that create lasting change.  

I have been a student of change since as long as I can remember. A true Gemini, I get bored if I don't have some sort of change in my life pretty much all the time. I lived in 10 cities in 12 years. I have been a blond, a redhead, a brunette, and a blond again. I keep changing my furniture around and changing the style of my website. 

Over my life, I have always been comfortable with change. Since I crave it, I have also learned how change can last and when it is only temporary. Here is what I have learned. 

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How To Make Someone's Day

Yesterday I was driving my awesome pearl white Mini Cooper on the highway. I was bopping along to "Uptown Funk", windows open, hair blowing in the wind, and it's quite possible that I was doing a little dance in my own auto disco. I looked over to the left and coming up fast behind me was another Mini Cooper, but this one was British racing green and had racing stripes on it. Inside were a man and a woman and when they passed me they smiled at me and waved "Hello!"Random strangers passing each other in life, with one thing in common (that we know of) -  our choice in cars. 

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How To Get Unstuck

We all get stuck. We all find ourselves doing things we really don’t want to be doing. We all find ourselves NOT doing the things that mean the most to us. 

Why does this happen? What can we do about it? 

Let me tell you a little story. I got stuck about my monthly newsletter. Ridiculously paralyzed. Those of you on my list know that you haven’t heard a whole lot from me in awhile. “Didn’t I sign up to hear something from her once upon a time?” you may have asked.  

Yes, you signed up. Then I got scared. 

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Leaving the Self-Help Section Behind

I am a life coach. I survive on a healthy diet of books, tapes, webinars, and Super Soul Sunday. I have spent millions of dollars over the course of my life trying to figure out who the hell I am, and what my true purpose in life is. I have been uncovering my “authentic self." Yesterday, I had an epiphany.

I just may murder the next person who says “authentic self." I am totally over self-help.

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It's not STRESS, It's You.

I consider myself a rather huge nerd when it comes to self-improvement and health. I watch every single TED talk, read every book I can get my hands on and struggle through some rather dry academic research papers.  This particular TED talk, given by psychologist Kelly McGonigal, is my all time favorite, though, because it changes everything about what we know about our health and our mind/body connection.  

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