My Flabby Arms Are Magnificent


I can go sleeveless in 20 seconds.

I will put on a sleeveless shirt.


Maybe a tank top.

Watch me go crazy and cut the arms off an old tee-shirt. Bam. Sleeveless.

I can look like the model you chose with strong and “slender” arms-in only 5 minutes a day.


My arms are super strong, but due to some weight loss, they are in a word, “flabby.” I have extra skin that hangs from my toned muscles and strong bones and I’m not gonna lie, sometimes when I move quickly down the stairs my arm skin slaps against my body and makes a sound that I try to cover up with a cough. The first time it happened I startled myself and had to sit down. I don’t remember ever laughing that hard at a sound my body made in quite some time. SLAP.

So when this Instagram post came across my feed, I had a violent reaction to it. A few choice words that started with something that rhymes with duck and YOU.

I already am ready to go sleeveless. I don’t give a hoot or holler what “other people” think about my arms.

My arms hug the people I love. Every day.

My arms hold my son when he needs support and love.

My arms carry groceries.

My arms hold my body when I’m practicing yoga.

My arms can rock any look they please.

So, literally minutes after I saw this Instagram post this amazing email came bouncing to my inbox:


Why is everyone so concerned with the amount of time it takes for me to fix my flabby arms? Apparently I’m in a hurry when it comes to toning my arms.

One minute. Just invest one minute, Katie, and you’ll be happy. You’ll look like these fitness models. All the boys (and girls too!) will swoon over your sexy arms. If you don’t do these exercises you have no business showing flesh to the world. We promise.

The quick fix is very enticing. The one-minute solution to a problem that doesn’t really exist.

My arms are not a problem. They do not need to be fixed. They do not need a special program of any kind for me to rock a sleeveless shirt.

Freedom, my loves, is knowing that there is nothing wrong with you. You are who you are in this moment. And you can wear whatever the eff you want.

(Throwing the mic on the floor and stepping down from my soap-box.)

My arms are magnificent.

And so are yours.

Katie Hill2 Comments