Yoga Nidra for Relaxation

Every Tuesday night I am honored to teach a yoga class that ends with a 20-minute Yoga Nidra. This relaxation technique is very helpful to many who suffer from stress, anxiety, fear, restlessness, and other ailments that make it hard to relax. 

Many people feel that after practicing Yoga Nidra, they are able to be more creative, sleep better, and feel more grounded. Some find that they have amazing dreams after falling asleep after a Yoga Nidra. 

I personally think that there's nothing better than doing a long yoga practice first, then enjoying the relaxation of Nidra, but that's not always an option.  Here is a .mp3 file of my Yoga Nidra. I hope you enjoy it. 

Download this 20 minute Yoga Nidra now.

Katie HillComment