How to Love Mondays

I love Mondays. I am the anti-Garfield. I wish every day had the energy and excitement of Monday. 

It wasn't always this way. I used to go to bed on Sunday dreading waking up on Monday morning and going back to the grind. I used to get terrible tension headaches on Mondays as I looked ahead to all the "things" I needed to accomplish. Overwhelm City, Arizona. 

Then I discovered something amazing. 

The trick to having a great Monday actually happens on Sunday.

See, part of why Mondays can be tough is that we don't prepare properly to handle getting back to it after a long weekend.  There were two major things that I did in my life that changed my Mondays dramatically. 

1. I treated Sunday night as a very special night to relax, restore, eat a great dinner, and get everything ready for Monday morning. I hate rushing around on Monday morning. It used to make me so stressed to get myself and my family out the door. That is, until I spent 30 minutes on Sunday packing lunches, backpacks, and putting shoes by the door. I planned ahead about what Monday morning was going to be like and all of a sunday, I rocked out Monday morning. Now, there is no yelling, rushing and spike of stress hormone at ALL on Monday morning. 

I also took special time on Sunday night to ground myself with self-care. I take time to do some yoga, take a bath, think about my weekend and have some profound gratitude. I make sure I eat well and that there is food ready for Monday and Tuesday in the refrigerator. I don't watch television, but rather ease slowly into bedtime with reading, meditation, or just talking with my family. (This is really the best part of DVRs, non?)

2. I SCHEDULE time every Monday morning for my personal practices. When I was in corporate America, I learned fast as a leader that I needed to be responsible for my own schedule. So, I noticed that running in for an 8:30 meeting always made me cranky, irritable, and unfocused. So, I created a standing meeting for myself from 8:00-10:00. I called it "Planning and Progress" and made it mandatory. These two hours were spent reviewing my week, catching up on some emails, planning my goals for the week, and making sure my schedule reflected what I wanted to do and how I wanted to feel throughout the week. Now that I am an entrepreneur, it's even MORE critical that I keep a calendar full of personal practices, efficient work activities and business building. I had a great mentor who said that if it's not on your calendar, it won't happen.  So, come Monday morning, I am relaxed, calm, grounded and ready to kick some creative ass. 

These two small changes drastically changed the way I feel on Monday. Now, I look forward to my creative time on both Sunday night AND Monday morning. I know that I won't be rushed, and I feel like I am fueled by pure desire and energy. Once people saw how productive I was on Monday, they started to follow suit. Status meetings can wait til 10:30, I dare say!

What are your Mondays like? How have you made them work for you?