Stuck? Turn to Your Champions

I get stuck a lot. Because I have a fast mind and curious spirit, I am always looking for something. Right now, for example, I am all hung up on my branding and business plan. More specifically I'm worried about finding my core audience. Is it business people? People with cancer? Middle managers? Stay-at-Home Moms? Men? I can help all these people but my focus feels all over the place.

In other words -  el stucko. 

It got me thinking today about what I tend to do when I feel stuck. The answer is simple - I go to my champions and ask for help and clarity. What is a champion?

Champions are the people in your life who believe you can do anything. These people have unwavering belief in your ability to be successful in whatever you do. These people are your fans. They love you deeply and want to be there for you. 

For me, it is my Mom, my husband, my coach, my closest tribe of friends (you know who you are.) I call, text, cry, laugh, and confide to this motley crew when I'm feel lost in this world. 

It's common to feel stuck. It's common to feel lost. The more you are a seeker, the more lost you tend to feel. The more active your mind and imagination, the more you'll get wrapped around the axel. Deep breath. It's ok.

Our champions are so incredibly valuable. They will tell you the things that will push you out of "stuck." They will tell you to get outside and move your body. They will tell you to eat some vegetables, go to yoga, and get out of your own way. These people will ask you the right questions at the right time. They won't judge your particular brand of wacked-out and antsy. They will remind you who you are.

Depend on them. Trust them. 

And then be someone else's champion. Be there for those who look to you for help and guidance. Show up and listen. You are needed and valued in the role of champion. Without you, your people would stay lost and confused.

This world can be tough. There are lots of places to get stuck. It really does take a village in this world to get through life with grace.

Reach out.

Be available. 

Be a champion and use your own champions often.

You'll soon feel the delightful freedom of finding your way through the muck.