Why It Is Ok to Want More


It's hard to put my finger on what I want. I just know that it is more. More love, more joy, more peace, more sleep, more fun, more connection. More purpose. 

Life is so very short. I am experiencing a very fortunate and blessed one. Yet, there is still a pang in my heart that everything that I have is not enough. It is an intense, crazed feeling of yearning. Desire.

Most of my formal yoga and meditation education has steered me away from desire. Maybe desire is the root of all evil. Danielle LaPorte's whole theme is how desire is not only good for us, it's essential to our being whole. It's confusing, and I'm left here with a bit of an ache in my heart... wanting....

I hear this from most of my clients. They want more. 

I'm here to state today, that more is good. More is normal. More is a calling towards a deeper existence. More leads us to uncover the parts of us that are not yet expressed fully. 

Often the key to finding more is slowing the hell down. Stop running Mach 3 through the daily tasks of your life to feel what is missing. Most of us don't want to slow down because dear god what will we find if we go looking. We settle for the disturbing feeling that there should be something else in our lives. 

More comes in all shapes and sizes. It comes in ways that are healthy for our lives and ways that are destructive. More can get lost in materialism and in unhealthy relationships. More can get confused with unhappiness. 

It's not a midlife crisis. 

It's not selfish. 

It's not evil to desire. 

Can we be happy with what we have and want more at the same time? I believe so. I think we can be mindful of our desire for more, and detach from the outcome. Clarity may not come in the way you expect it. 

Talking helps. Sorting out the kind of more you're looking for can release the knot in your belly that is calling for your attention. My coach helps me organize my more into meaningful steps towards my own dreams. It helps to talk to friends. My friends tell me that my dreams aren't too much, and that I can have anything I set my mind on. 

I wrote this blog so you would stop feeling bad about wanting more. Get curious about your desire, get inspired to move towards your need for more. Breathe deeply. Breathe in each moment and know that you are enough exactly as you are, and that it's ok to want more. 

I'm right here with you, learning how to maintain a grateful life and still reach out for more...

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