What High Self-Esteem Feels Like

She walks into the room with her shoulders held back and her heart leading the way. She's dressed in a simple dress and her hair is pulled back from her face. Her eyes light up with a twinkle when you look at her and smile. She is warm and inviting.

She's not conventionally beautiful, and you won't find her on the cover of a magazine. She has flaws and unPhotoshopped bits. Her hips are curvy and her cheeks are round. She bares the scars of a life well lived. Her life force is strong. She draws you in energetically. 

Her confidence comes from deep within her body, and she stands tall in her own power. Her energy is calm and grounded. She takes slow deep breaths and is connected to her body. She knows that when she stands in her power that people stop and notice. She knows this state of being feels delicious and joyful and real.

Does she ever get scared? Yes, and because she's out there really living her life, she faces her fears a lot. Yet her fear doesn't make her small, it gets channeled and processed. She does the hard work to understand her fear. She knows how to breathe into it and feel her emotions. She's come a long way and learned much.

Her soul shines through her, and the more she takes good care of herself, the more she attracts abundance into her life. She knows deep down that she is divine, connected to Source and to everyone around her. 

She tries to live by example, yet falls down sometimes. She wants to be her best self, and some days that's more work than other days. 

People want to be around her, to soak in her calm, confident energy. They want to drink what she's drinking and know the secrets to her success. 

She only smiles, though, because she knows that there is no secret, no magic sauce. It all comes from letting herself be real. Letting herself be the person she knows that she really is without apology. Her inner light shines through, and by that very fact, the simple knowledge that she is enough, she thrives. 

She knows she is worthy...she is worthy of love from within.

This love from within is self-esteem.