How To Make Someone's Day

Yesterday I was driving my awesome pearl white Mini Cooper on the highway. I was bopping along to "Uptown Funk", windows open, hair blowing in the wind, and it's quite possible that I was doing a little dance in my own auto disco. I looked over to the left and coming up fast behind me was another Mini Cooper, but this one was British racing green and had racing stripes on it. Inside were a man and a woman and when they passed me they smiled at me and waved "Hello!"

Random strangers passing each other in life, with one thing in common (that we know of) -  our choice in cars. 

It made me so happy because I thought about how even small connections with people are important every single day.  This little wave, this small gesture of car solidarity made my day.

We choose how we effect people. We can wave as we blow by someone on the highway or we can flip them off for driving too slow. We can smile at a frazzled clerk or we can roll our eyes in annoyance. We can say hello to people we pass on the street or we can look at the ground. 

The small moments where we connect with people make a big impact on the world. 

Everyone wants more connection in life. We want to know that our lives are witnessed and have an impact. I'm  here to tell you that you shouldn't forget the small connections. The ones that you may never fully understand the meaning at all. 

Wave to people. Smile. Be open. Ask questions. Be present. Know that they way that you are in the world makes a difference, even when you don't know it. 

After that little incident on the highway, I wave to all Mini Coopers. It just seems like the most awesome thing to do. And what are we doing in this world if we're not being awesome?

What small connection has made an impact on you lately?