A Lesson From Our Kids - Just Breathe.

I used to think that the most important things I ever learned about in life were from kindergarten. This time in life is when we learn how to share, how to express, how to work with other's and how to cope with our emotions. I want to share with you a short video about mindfulness from the mouth's of kindergartners. 


With the help of their son, his classmates and family members, filmmakers Julie Bayer Salzman and Josh Salzman (http://www.wavecrestfilms.com/) created this brilliant video called "Just Breathe." The words of these children are unscripted and real. Their emotions are are strong and confusing as adult emotions. 

This video is so powerful because it simplifies the power and benefit of being mindful. When our minds are busy and shaken up, like glitter shaken in a jar, it's impossible to focus and find peace and calm. But taking some deep, deep breaths, we the glitter can settle and provide a clear jar, or mind. 

Take four minutes and watch this film. If we can calm our minds, we can change the world. Share it with your families. Watch it with your children. Start a conversation about how YOU are using your breath to stay calm. 

Such a simple act - three deep breaths can transform you from anxious and dull to calm and sharp. When you feel yourself start to get upset or anxious, stop and inhale for seven counts and exhale for eleven counts. Repeat three times and feel yourself get calm. Then you can act from a place of calm, sweet power. 

Katie HillComment