Showing Up For Someone Today

The last few weeks have been a bit of a doozy for me, and I'm happy to report that the stress has vibrated through me and I'm back to finding some brightness, playfulness and fun.  One big reason for this turn around is that I was given a bowl of soup. 

Yes, it was a magnificent bowl of soup. It was hearty, full of grounding root veggies and pitta stimulating spice, and you could taste the time and effort that went into creating it. I mean, seriously, what is better than homemade soup that someone else makes for you? More importantly though, it was the sweet gesture of a dear friend, who knowing (or not knowing) that my soul was tired and hungry delivered this soup to me on a day when I was feeling empty, lost, and untethered. 

The simple gesture of thinking of me, bringing me this simple meal, shifted something deep in my soul that allowed me to heal. 

There were many other friends that showed up for me when I was feeling down. Some of them I was brave enough to ask for assistance, others just noticed something wasn't right and staged an intervention. The soup to me is the symbol of all of this love and support. Without these people in my life, I can't even imagine where I would be. The deepest bows of gratitude don't even begin to cover how I feel. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

I tell you about this soup so that you know how powerful a small gesture can be.  I'm sure that when my friend offered me her well tended broth, she had no idea how meaningful it would be to me - that it would shift me at the core of my heart. She just did it because she is kind. Pure generous, open, giving love. She is the kind of person who thinks to give a bowl of soup to a friend. I really want to be more like that. I want to be less caught up in my own stuff and more present for those around me. 

I ask you, dear reader, to share your love with someone today. Open up and make a gesture. It can be as tiny and your full attention or a sweet smile. You may never know the impact the gesture has on the person you make it to, but just know that the energy of this gesture is good for you, the person, and the universe in general.  Healing love comes from small energies. A shared laugh, a note, a bowl of soup. 

I promise that I will do the same. Full of hope, grace, and root veggies, I will move through the day with my heart open to anyone who may need a little love. 

*Dedicated to Meg Cates - my favorite potager.