Where is your attention?

Scene:  Waiting room in a large hospital clinic. Teen girl and her worried Mom sit restlessly across from me. Waiting for results. Maybe it's serious, hopefully it's not. Lines of stress cover Mom's forehead. Her eyes dart around the room as she nervously fingers the strap of her handbag, trying to connect with something - someone.  Daughter's fingers are furiously typing on her (not-so) smart phone. Attention is sucked into a cold device.  

I catch Mom's eyes. Smile. Acknowledge.  She glances down.  Mine is not the attention she yearns for.  

Life is but a series of moments.  What we pay attention to becomes our lives.  The people we love, the moments we share, the slow longing for our lives to be witnessed and cherished. 

Slow down.  Notice.   Be present.

Be generous with your attention.  Use it wisely, as it is powerful beyond measure.  

What are you paying attention to? Who needs your attention right now?


*This is a reprint from 2013.

Katie HillComment