Leaning into 2015

I’m preparing to leave for a weeklong trip to Mexico. I’m not going on vacation (exactly), in fact, I am getting paid to go on this trip. I’m taking 15 people on an eco-retreat to rest, relax, practice yoga, and plan their new year. This resort is on an island off the coast of Mexico, where there is no wifi, no television, minimal electricity. We are going to surf, swim with dolphins, hike in the jungle and probably share our space with some monkeys. 

I’m telling you this not to brag about how amazing my life is (but, well, it is...) but because I had a dream over a year ago that I would be living this life. My dream was that I would be coaching full time and taking busy professionals on amazing retreats to help them learn how to rest and enjoy life. I made this happen. Going on this trip was my crazy vision, my dream life and by believing in myself and taking action, I made it happen.

You can live your dream, too.  

Moving into 2015, take stock of your life and your work.  Are you living your dream? Here are some questions that may help bring a little clarity to your dream vision:

  What does your dream day look like?

  When you’ve “made it” how will it feel?

  Can you describe in detail what your life is like when you’re living you dream?

It helps to have a clear vision of your dream. I had a board with pictures on it of exotic locations, a relaxing coaching office, and successful entrepreneurs that I respected. Each and every day I took time to imagine that I already was living my dream and I felt the excitement and thrill of being my own boss. I had a no excuses policy. There was no way this dream was not going to happen. Grit and determination were always present. 

You have everything you need to make your dreams come true. It's all inside of you.  You don't need to quit your job, you don't need to be extreme. You do, however do need to gain some clarity on what it is you want and what it looks like when you get it.  How do you want to feel each and every day?

I'm not going to lie, some days my dream is big and scary and I'm unsure of myself. However, when I'm able to be centered and grounded I know that my life is precious and short and I get to decide how I want to live it. 

How are you deciding to live your life?



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