Using the OFF Switch.

What if you took one day a week(end) to REFUSE to turn on any technology? No phone. No internet. No television. No satellite radio. No iPod. No iPad. No Andriod. No Kindle. Un-plugged.

I've started to do this on Sundays. For me, this life upgrade happened completely by accident. I left my phone plugged into the wall as I left for the day with a group of my girlfriends and our kids.  We went out for a slow lunch, then to a local apple orchard where we sat in the sun while our kids ran around picking apples and scaring chickens.  I was about 4 hours into our Sunday adventure when I realized my husband hadn't heard from us and really had no idea when I'd be home.

At first, I had a sense of panic. Then I realized, who cares? He knows I'm out with my son. He knows I'll be home later. He's not the type of person who gets antsy about our whereabouts. He's fine. The need to incessantly check in and give updates is a learned habit, one that I'm not sure is making either of our lives better. 

I also felt a slight itch to post on Instagram the beauty of the day.  I had a few "Facebook post" type thoughts.  140ish characters of pure wit that I would be proud to post.  Instead I just said out loud to my friends what I was thinking.  Posting the thought was completely unnecessary for the enjoyment of my day. 

My dear friends and I talked about silly things, deep things, our children and our plans for the week. We laughed, we told stories. We were 100% PRESENT in the moment. 

I didn't realize until I was unplugged how much I need to turn the switch OFF on a regular basis for my own sanity. 

When I got home, I stayed in this wonderful space.  I cooked.  I ate a slow meal with my family. I took a bath and read a book.  I may have missed some news, some great posts on social media, but nothing worth the peace and harmony I felt in my own head. 

Want to try it?

Let me know what you experience!!

Katie Hill1 Comment