Free Loving Kindness Meditation Downloads

Ever feel grouchy? Out of sorts? Tired, lethargic, not sure what to do with yourself? Ungrounded, lost, angry, disappointed, or just plain disconnected? Yeah, me too.  I also have a way to STOP feeling those things. 

After many years of trying lots of different coping methods, I finally found one that works - the loving kindness or metta meditation.  This form of meditation is so sweet and grounding. You spend your precious energy directing love towards yourself and others with a few key phrases. These phrases include: 

May I be safe. 
May I be happy.
May I be healthy and strong.
May I be live with ease.

These phrases are simple, and you will find that different teachers will have different versions of these key phrases.  You can even change the wording of the phrases yourself if something rings more true to your spirit. 

You start with sending this love and kind energy to yourself.  Just like putting on your own oxygen mask first in the case of an emergency, you need to love yourself deeply first. After this, you work through sending this same intense love to these key people:

• a dearly beloved - which could be a close family member or friend;
• a respected, beloved person - such as a spiritual teacher;
• a neutral person - somebody you know, but have no special feelings towards, e.g.: a person who serves you in a shop;
• a hostile person - someone you are currently having difficulty with or a public person you don't care for.

To help you get started, I recorded my own voice with two different metta meditations. The first one has some instruction and is about 4 minutes long.  The second one has no instruction and is about 8 minutes long.  Download them for free, put them on your phone and enjoy them.  Use them to take a break and get used to the process of meditating. 

FREE Loving Kindness Meditation - With Instruction

FREE Loving Kindness Meditation - No Instruction (2 rounds)