Why We Need To Let Go

This week I let go of the first house I ever purchased.  This house was purchased when I was 5 months pregnant with my son - in prime "nesting" season.  With a few brave friends, I painted the entire house in bright cheery colors.  I didn't really pay attention to the trim (or being accurate for that matter). I brought my new baby home to this house. I laughed hard in this house. I cried hard in this house. I grieved here. I celebrated here. After 7 years, it was time to let it go. I felt a sense of loss when we signed the house over to the new family, but also a sense of closure. By letting go of this part of my life, I was making space for new things to come in...a new house, new experiences, new energy.

It is important to let go in life.  Too often we cling tightly to the people, places, and things in our life that we love and care about, but by clinging, we kill the very things we love.

My Buddhist teachers instilled in me a value  that everything in life is impermanent. Change is the one thing we can count on. When we cling to the idea that nothing should change, we cause suffering for ourselves. Life is a series of moments strung together one breath at a time. I feel stress in my life when I fight change, when I want to control the outcome or force things to be a certain way. When I allow myself to flow like a river, I find a deep peace.  This, like all of my life, is a practice. Sometimes I fail. Sometimes I succeed. Rinse and repeat.

The same day we let go of our old house, we closed on our new house.  This house was a dream of mine, one that I manifested through visioning, dreaming, scheming, believing, and working hard for. In this house we will make new memories, have new triumphs and failures, we will laugh until we cry and cry until we sleep. I am beyond grateful for the ability to raise my son in this house. I am beyond grateful for the ability to let go of what we needed to leave behind in order to make space for this to come into our lives.

What do you need to let go of in order to make space in your life? It may not be as big as a house, but I encourage you to look inside, and find the place where you need to flow more freely. Freedom lives in the space where you embrace the fear of loss, and open your heart to the empty space - knowing it will be full soon enough with something new.