What Sam Smith Taught Me About Being Sexy

The first time I heard Sam Smith on the radio, I thought he was the sexiest man in the entire universe. His voice so smooth and beautiful and I could listen to it all day. His tone is so clear it is angelic. In a word, I was crushing... Then, I saw this video (hit play while you read...you will FEEL what I mean):

Now, when I saw Sam Smith with my eyes, he was not what I was expecting. He is rather nerdy looking, with big black glasses and a kind of hip English haircut. Turns out he's gay (not the first gay man I've been head over heels in love with, but that's a whole different blog post) so his future as my second husband is probably unlikely.  That being said....

Here is what I learned about sexiness from Sam:  Regardless of his "brand" or his "look" - Sam Smith sings with his entire SOUL.  When he sings, he throws IN, full throttle, and is completely present.  He is gifted with his voice, and his talent comes through the airwaves in a way that moves me.  This exudes sexiness to me.

People who live with their whole hearts are terribly sexy. People who put it all out there are fascinating and interesting and real. I find authenticity so sexy.

I know that I while I am not going to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated any time soon ever, I am sexy when I am confident being ME.  When I try to be anyone else, or have the traits or characteristics of people I find cool and interesting, I feel insecure (read NOT sexy).  Sexy isn't as much about a LOOK, it's about a FEEL.

Sexy is all about ENERGY.

Sam Smith has sexy energy.  I'm drawn in.  I want more.

Please, give me nerdy looking soul singer with a voice from the heavens over naked girls twerking or swinging from wrecking balls.