42 Things I am going to do in my 42nd Year

This week I turned 41.  I spent the morning with my boys snarfing blueberry pancakes and the rest of the day watching the plumber install new pipes in our utility room.  Yes, folks, I lead a life of GLAMOUR. I had some time to think though of things I want to do as I start off my 42nd year and that got me rather juiced up and excited.

  1. Sell my current house.  Please, God, Shiva, Allah, Buddha, ANYONE!!! I really think my current home is awesome.  Just someone buy it already.  (DONE)
  2. Move into my dream home.  (DONE)
  3. Plant a new garden.  A small one, with the help of my dear friend Jovan, who is going to make it easy and zen.  (DONE - it was a different kind of garden than I planned, but still DONE)
  4. Practice more yoga.  In the studio and out of it.  Yoga lights my fire and I want more of it in my life.
  5. Ease up.  ON EVERYTHING.
  6. Spend more quality time with people who love me.
  7. Spend less time with people with whom I am trying to please for some insane reason.
  8. Master the kettlebell. Thanks to my new friend Ann Jelenek at Pulse Kettlebells, this is already set in motion.
  9. Grill more than chicken on my grill.
  10. Visit at least 6 parks this summer in Madison that I have never been to before. (DONE)
  11. Schedule 2 retreats for the next year.  Oh how I love hosting a yoga retreat.
  12. Get honest and open about who I really am, the things I struggle with, and hope that I can help more people by being transparent.
  13. Paint a new painting.  A big, chaotic, colorful one that takes up a WHOLE wall.
  14. Finish my tattoo.
  15. Coach. My. Ass. Off. (and be authentically me in doing so)
  16. Be kinder to myself. (figure out what the hell this really means)
  17. Master the handstand.
  18. Each month do one thing that scares the shit out of me.
  19. Reach out to people to interview for my blog that I am afraid will reject me.
  20. Write something every week, even if it's complete and utter shite. (see # 5)
  21. Spend more time in nature.  Even when it's cold outside.
  22. Spend more time in the tropics when we are experiencing 6 months of winter.
  23. Write more letters.  With pen and paper.
  24. Give more gifts.
  25. Go more analog and less digital in general ( oh shit, i AM getting old.)
  26. Embrace my mystical, goddessy, woo-woo side a whole lot more.  Yes, I said it.
  27. See more live music.  Especially local, unknown acoustic cafe music.
  28. Take the time to make good food.  It's a priority value, but I just get so lazy.
  29. Stop avoiding looking at my finances and be open and honest and transparent.
  30. Stop buying books when I can get them from the library.  (Ok, 80/20 rule here, let's be realistic).
  31. More dates with my groovy husband.
  32. Find a handful of fun babysitters (see #32)
  33. Be silly.  A lot. more.
  34. More dancing with my girls *you know who you are!
  35. Unplug my phone during family times. And at night. And hell, mostly on weekends too.
  36. Call my mom and dad more.
  37. Spend a lot of time by the pool this summer.
  38. Stop fighting my genetics and accept that I am going to be a magnificently curvaceous sexy woman and not a skinny one.
  39. Celebrate my strengths and stop trying to fix all my weaknesses.
  40. Embrace my talents and be more open about sharing them.
  41. Stop hiding.
  42. Be open and honest with my soul. Even if it means that I get hurt.

So there you have it.  You can guarantee that I will be checking in with this list quite a bit this year and I'll keep you up to date with the items that are easy and the ones that are challenging.