How to Know When You Need To Slow Down

Right after I write this post, I am heading to a yoga class. SLOWLY.

I've been running at about 100mph for the last few months and it's really starting to catch up with me.  Last night my husband and I had a huge "come to Buddha" meeting, where we talked a great deal about energy.  Specifically MY energy and how it was leaking out all over the place like a garden hose with 100000 pin holes in it.

A few times a year this happens to me.  See friends, I have a lot of interests.  It doesn't take a lot to get my fire lit.  I see potential in so much and have so much energy to give.  Every so often, though, I go too far and I push myself to a point where I start to fall apart.  This is where I am right now.  Using more duct tape to keep myself together than I care to admit to anyone.

Our energy is our most valuable resource.  Without it, we are essentially just blobs of goo that get stuck in bed, on the couch, or just walking like a zombie through life.  When our energy is low, we tend to get sick, get irritable, get depressed, and often make mistakes (like getting pulled over for speeding, losing glasses, having computers crash losing 1000s of hours of work, breaking things....etc...) Welcome to my world, April 2014.

In the course of my life, I have noticed a really nutty pattern.  It seems like the more that is going on in my life, the more I tend to add to the pile of crazy things to do. Luckily, now, I have learned to listen to the signs that I am overwhelmed and then I know that I need to slow down, breathe deeply, and untangle myself from overcommitting.

Here are my tell-tale signs of needing to slow down:

1. Making lots of computer mistakes.

2. Losing things that I never lose (my car keys, my glasses, my son.)

3. Not taking care of planning my meals.

4. Not practicing my yoga.

5. My sleep tends to get really sporadic and I dream very vivid dreams of bad things like plane crashes, being lost, or my teeth falling out.

6. I forget to do routine things like grocery shop, work out, call my mom, clean the cat box (sorry Millicent).

There are so many more, but I want to keep you from judging me too badly.

I have to go pay my recently acquired speeding ticket because my head was in the clouds as I motored down the highway thinking of all the things I had to do.  Then it's off to yoga.


I'd love to hear how you know it's time to take a does your body tell you to sit the hell down?