How Vitamins Changed My Life

So, I recently started taking some really good nutritional supplements.  I met some amazing health coaches and progressive doctors, one who has been a huge mentor in my life, Dr. Christiane Northrup, who started to educate me on nutritional supplementation. I used to believe that I could get anything that my body needed just by eating a really nutrient dense diet.  Well, that's not quite true. I'd have to be eating a WHOLE lot more food than my body could digest.

I could rant and rave and go on about the quality of the pharmaceutical grade supplements I take, but that rant pales in comparison to the rant about how I feel.  See, right now, people around me are dropping like flies. Colds, fevers, bronchitis, allergies. I'm feeling healthy. I was severely seasonally affected, feeling tired and depressed, and I started my Omega-3 and Vitamin D supplements and I noticed a DRAMATIC difference in how I felt.

But, again, that's not the purpose of this blog.

How these vitamins are changing my life lies within the RITUAL of taking them each day.  I start the day doing something really good for my body.  I shore up my cells by taking some great antioxidants.  These supplements are not cheap, so I feel that I boost by own worth by taking them every morning and evening.  Then I eat better because I feel like I don't want to waste the benefits my supplements give me by eating craptastic food. And then when I eat good food, I am in a better mood, I'm more productive.  When I'm more productive, I have more time.  When I have more time, I'm more likely to want to make time to work out. When I move my body, I sleep better, which keeps my cortisol levels low so I can lose my belly fat and feel rested in the morning.

(why all of a sudden does this post read like "if you give a mouse a cookie?")

It all starts with a simple ritual.  For me, it's the ritual of my morning vitamins.  What is your healthy kick-off-the-day ritual?