Why cooking at home can save your health

"Eat anything you want, just cook it yourself."  - Michael Pollen

I love this video so much because it really shows why it matters that we cook things at home. Our culture needs to change so that we can go back to eating what we were meant to eat. Food.  Not factory made food products.  

It's not easy to make time to cook.  Just last night I was tired, overwhelmed, and on the way home I picked up a pizza.  Then my husband and I rolled around in bed all night moaning and complaining about how shittastic we felt.  AND I AM A HEALTH COACH. (implicit therein....I know better.  Much, much, better.)


Life is busy.  Corporate food is everywhere.  Let's cook for our families again.  It really can change your health.  I'm recommitting by stopping for some veggies on my way home from work.  Bye-bye corporate "cravability." Hello, mama's homemade soup.