Why Sugar Makes Us Feel So Good

A dear friend of mine forwarded me this wonderful video by Nicole Avena, Ph.D for TED-Ed, the author of Why Diets Fail.   It is a very clear, very visual explanation of why sugar is so powerful. Our brains are wired for this response, so knowing the chemistry behind eating sugar helps us know that it's not your lack of willpower that makes it hard to kick sugar, it's your bio-chemistry. 

There is a hidden gem in this video too about eating the same healthy meals over and over again.  We need to mix up our diets so that we don't lose the dopamine "high" we get from eating healthy, balanced meals. 

For me, a little sugar triggers a near addictive response.  I know I feel better and behave better when I eliminate ALL the artificial sugar from my diet, and deal only with naturally occurring sugars in whole fruits.  So easy to say, so amazingly difficult to do.

Those of you looking to help your health, I encourage you to watch this amazing video!