Day 4-6: Making good decisions

I'm bored.  I find myself wanting something FUN, something interesting, something BAD.  

This is when I realize how much I correlate FUN and FOOD.  Sometimes this healthy way of eating isn't fun. 

Sometimes you need to make decisions that are good for your body, not good for your sense of a good time.  This is one of the biggest challenges that I face when doing Whole30. 

I am having a mental temper tantrum.  

What keeps me on track is how great everyone who is doing this with me is doing.  I am so inspired by the 35 people who are doing this alongside me.  For them, for ME...I am focusing on making GOOD decisions for my health and for my body.  I am also going to repost this information on sugar.  Because sometimes I need a reminder about why i am doing this!