You are perfect.

I saw this video today and I cried.  I cried because of how many minutes, hours, days, years I have spent trying to look like something or someone that I am not. How I thought that my own perfection was defined by how I looked or judged by how my body compared to someone else's body. How much time I have let pass in my life waiting to do something until I was "thinner, stronger, better."

Finally, I know that I am perfect right here and right now.  My imperfect body is beautiful and holds my soul. My strong and sturdy legs are EXACTLY the same as my mothers. The stomach that was operated on several times to rid my body of tumors will never be flat.  I am still perfect.

This video ends with "because who is perfect...?"  My thought is that each person in this video is perfect.  YOU are perfect.  I am perfect too.  Just because I am here, shining my light in the body I have right now. 

Each model in this video shines so brightly. The smiles are huge.  I am in awe.  

Perhaps we need to redefine "perfect?"