Saying YES to ourselves

What if we said Yes! to our lives, our experience, our intuition, our grace? 

One of the big a-ha moments I had while on a personal retreat last month was the idea of saying Yes! in my life.  Yes to myself in the moments when I am needy.  Yes to rest.  Yes to more personal space.  Yes to surrounding myself with those who love and accept me.  Yes to setting boundaries.  Yes to showing up.   Yes.

So often, we say NO.  No has a rather icky quality to it, a stopping, a permanence.  No is a block, a door, a stopping. A halt.

There is a pure and energetic difference between saying "No, I don't want you in my life. No, I don't want to get hurt" and "Yes, I love myself enough to create a boundary.  Yes, I honor my feelings of protection."  


Yes to me.  

Yes to my wants and dreams and desires.  Yes to listening to my own voice and actually hearing it.  Yes to knowing that I am whole, and good enough, and one with the universe.    

Try it.

Say yes. Yes, yes, yes.