Why it's ok to be sad

Sometimes in life, we are sad.   

I think it's important to acknowledge our sadness. 

To FEEL it.  

To cry.  

To witness the sensation of the sadness in our bodies.  Deep in the recess of our bellies. Deep in our hearts. The sadness in caught in our throats. 

The other option is to push it away, to deny it, to pretend it doesn't exist.  To eat it, to drink it, to smoke it, to buy crazy shit we don't need. 

A wise teacher once told me, embrace your feelings like they are a long lost friend you are welcoming in to your home.  Say hello, welcome the feeling, let it come through the door to your heart.  Nurture the sadness, tell it to settle in and hang out for awhile.  Talk to yourself gently, as though you were a child. What's wrong, baby?  How can I help you? I understand your pain.   I'm here for you. I love you no matter what. 

Like a good houseguest, the sadness will eventually leave.  It will recess from your body. Sometimes it takes minutes, sometimes hours, sometimes days, sometimes it feels like forever.  But go, it does. 

In order to be whole, to be real, to be grounded, to be spiritual, we need to accept ALL the aspects of ourselves.  The happy, the sad.  The angry, the fearful.  The yin and the yang.

Cry, dear one, cry it out.  The happiness lies just around the bend in the shadows of the rain.