A lil' message to my son's teachers...

Tomorrow my baby goes off to kindergarten.  I know this is a passage of life, a milestone of independence for him.  He's going to make new friends, learn new things, become even more of the young man than he already is.  

I'm so emotional about this, you'd think he's leaving for college.  I feel a loss of control, like I'm sending him off to fend for himself.  I've agonized over school choices, grilled everyone I know about "the best school districts".  I have become that obnoxious helicopter parent that I usually roll my eyes at.  I recognize that I am a hot, neurotic, mess. 

The truth is that I'm sad.  I know this is the end of my sons early childhood.  This is the beginning of his blossoming, the beginning of the unfolding of his young life.  I miss my little baby boy, the baby who wouldn't sleep.  I miss the little smoosh who would hide his face behind his hands in preschool until he felt comfortable.  This parenting shit is hard and emotional. I'm not sure I'm cut out for it. 

So, as I hand my son over to Mrs. Henderson and Miss G, I want to send you this message. Please take care of my son.  Please teach him and guide him and protect him.   I am trusting you with the most precious and important person in my life.  There is nothing I care about more, there is no one who I will go to bat for with more vigor and ferociousness.  

This kid is special, like all the children are special.  They are little sponges, ready and willing to learn and grow.  Please take good care of him.    I know your job is hard, and I will be here to back you up.  There is no greater responsibility than to be the educator of our kids, and for that I thank you.   Good luck, dear teachers.