what to do when you feel like crap

I feel like absolute crap.  I've been traveling, drinking way too much, eating way too much shit. I've been sleeping poorly, not exercising, and not doing yoga.  Meditation? Only if you could the moments when I was praying to God, Buddha, Ganesha, and Justin Bieber that my plane stayed in the air over Ohio yesterday.  

This happens.  I am human.  You are human.  It's summer and we are all out having a good time.   But the final straw for me this morning is waking up to sausage fingers and an ache in my joints so bad that I feel like I'm 70.

So this is what I do when I feel like crap.  

1.  Water. LOTS of it.  I drink water with lemon because it feels more detoxifying, although I'm not sure there's proof of that.   Also, adding one cup of hot water with lemon in the AM, and hot water with lemon in the evening.  That's a trick I learned from Ayurveda.    Drink until you pee clear. 

2. Walk. Go for a long one.  Being outside helps me feel better.  If you really want to feel better bring a puppy or a baby.  A puppy AND a baby.  And a kitten.  

3. Kale. I swap out kale smoothie instead of a few meals.  It helps me feel like I'm taking good care of my cells.  Kale + filtered water + frozen mango. Bye, bye sausage fingers. 

4.  Yoga. I am planning on taking an extra class tonight, as well as teaching one.  DETOXtastic. Sweating, moving, breathing.  The three step cure for 99% of what ails me.

5. Unplug. I'm turning off my computer in a few hours, and I'm taking a whole day (Sunday) with NO electronics.  Connecting with actual people is what it's all about.  

6. Read. Reading always calms me and makes me feel smart. I just finished "Brain on Fire." FANFREAKINGTASTIC book.  

7. Nap. I'm planning on a nap on Saturday afternoon AND Sunday afternoon.  Rest, restore, and remember how great my bed feels. 

8. Massage.  This one is indulgent, but I'm scheduled for a massage on Saturday afternoon. Sweet heaven, I am going to work out the knots that I created being mashed on a plane.  

9. Play. Today I have colored, built a lego spaceship, and played in a park with my shortie. We forget so easily how to play, and I think being around kids is a great way to feel good. Even if you don't have kids, finding a fun way to forget your adult worries (other than downing a nice bottle of Malbec) reminds us that we are all kids inside.  

10. Bubble bath.  After my two yoga classes tonight, I am planning on a big ol' bubble bath. I will put on some Adele and sing my ass off.  My whole family enjoys this particular destressor. 

I'd love to hear what you do when you feel like crap.  We all need to get back on track once in awhile....how do you reset?

(PS.  I'm also planning my AFTER LABOR DAY WHOLE 30!!! ) Sign up if you want to join me!