random act of sugary kindness

Those of you who know me well, know that I have a little problem with the police.   I get pulled over.  I get pulled over a. lot.  Most of the time, it's not for speeding, but rather for silly infractions that aren't ticket-able.  But that is NOT the point of this post.  

In teaching my son about karma and kindness, we decided on a cool rainy Wednesday morning to stop by the West Side Police Station with a box of treats.  I wanted my shortie to know that policemen and policewomen (police people?) were awesome public servants who, like us, need a good Dunkin' Donut once and awhile.  I wanted him to see that people who work hard for us deserve our honor and our respect, and that the best treats were the most unexpected ones.    (OK, in the interest of full disclosure, I also wanted to sprinkle some sugary karma throughout the station so maybe I wouldn't end up in Dane County Jail for traffic violations.  But I digress...)

We went to the station, asked if we could deliver some treats. (Photo 1.)  The receptionist was a bit taken aback and said she would look for an officer who was able to accept such a generous, if fattening, surprise from a little person. We waited. We waited. We waited some more (Photo 2.)  I explained how officers were busy.  They were fighting crime and helping people and probably processing traffic tickets. I saw my son eyeing the box and beginning to drool a bit from the side of his mouth. What happens if no one comes, my little opportunist asked...

Finally through the door came this tall, handsome officer.  He shook my sons hand.  My sweetest said "thank you for helping people."   


One of my favorite things in life are the little surprises.  The person who comps my coffee when I forget my wallet.  The yoga student who brings me a handmade gift.  The friend who sends me a hand written note IN THE POST.  The bank teller that puts a lollipop in the envelope at the drive through when my son is in the car.  Sweet, sincere little gestures that make you remember all the good in life.  The reason why love and kindness prevail, even when times get dark. 

I challenge you, dear reader, to go above and beyond today.  Do something kind.  Do something random and unnecessary.  It brings a feeling of happiness and joy to those on the receiving end.  I promise.

What was the kindest thing that someone ever did for you in a random way?  I'd love to hear what it was.  I may steal some of your ideas for our next random act of kindness!!