10 Reasons Why I Love Austin, Texas

I'm so lucky.  I get to live in Madison, WI (my favorite hometown ever) and I get to travel frequently to my company headquarters in Austin, TX.  I love Austin.  My husband and I lived in Austin for 18 months during his post-doc at UT and I'm shamed to say that I didn't really fully appreciate the awesomeness of the city until I left it. 

The photos below are from Travaasa, a beautiful destination spa that I visited in July for a work event.  The place is beyond beautiful and relaxing.  

Here are the top 10 things I love about Austin. 

1.  The way the hill country smells.  It's fresh and woody, and a smell that I can only find in Texas.  

2. The fact that you can wear formal wear and cowboy boots at the same time.  (and many do!) 

3. I love that the city prides itself on it's weirdness and creativity.  

4. Food carts.  Lots of food carts.  Crepes to tacos, cupcakes to Korean BBQ. 

5. The people.  I have great friends in Austin who are always, always, always willing to show me the best time.   They tell me about places like this. 

6.  The yoga.  Austin just gets yoga.  There are a million different places to practice and many of my favorite teachers are there. 

7. Tex Mex.   Real live Tex Mex.  mmmmmmmm.

8. The phrase "all y'all."  It's just so all encompassing.  We don't have that in the Midwest.  

9. All the public places to go hang out.  Austin is such a livable city.  They understand parks, trails, outside eating, free music, and spontaneous outbursts of joy. 

10.  Somehow, just by being there, I feel a little "cooler".  Maybe there is something in the water.