What brussel sprouts and yoga have in common

I have a great friend who used to eat BAGS of brusel sprouts. She called them 'little power pellets of gold" and would pop them like candy.  I would wrinkle my nose at the smell, and think she was insane.  To me they were soggy, stinky, and disgusting.   It didn't matter what amazing nutritional benefit they possessed (besides reducing risk of cancer, being highly antioxidant, producing big volumes of Vitamin A, C, and E), I made up my mind that they were  too icky. 

One day, in a fit of inspiration from a friend who served them at a dinner ROASTED with a spray of olive oil and sea salt, I tried them again.  I FELL IN LOVE.   Not just a little bit...head over heals, sex on the first date, here's a toothbrush, please move in with me LOVE.  I finally understood what all the fuss was about.  

I eat roasted brussels every single week (with a side of crow for being such a ninny about my friend's love of them, however, I stand by the fact that boiled or steamed sprouts are totally substandard). 

Flash forward to yoga class.  In a room full of beautiful bodies flowing through an advanced sequence.  The teacher stopped to demonstrate an advanced modification.  I looked at her and said, "nope. that is not happening in MY body. ridiculous. how dare she even suggest that anyone can do it."   I started to get angry.  Then she came over and adjusted my body, handed me a block for support and gave me a different take on how to get into the posture.  And BOOM.  My body floated into the position.  With grace. I was thrilled.

So, here's the lesson for me.  We tell ourselves stories about what we like and don't like and then stick with those stories for long periods of time without ever considering that there may be another approach.  Roasted vs. boiled.  Block or no block.  

These stories hold us back from finding things in our life that bring us joy.  

Stories are powerful.  We believe them at the core of our being.  I'm working on noticing when I'm avoiding something just because I already made a story about the outcome.  It happens more often then I'd like to believe.  Through the power of living my yoga, I'm concentrating on being present - letting new experiences AND old ones unfold in their own unique way.   

What stories do you tell yourself that could be obliterated?