Day 30: Guest blog by my honey

As the last day of Whole30 rolls around, I wanted to share with you a little note from the guy who lives with me, endures my constant lectures about how certain things are "poison, toxic, and awful", and supports my Gemini tendencies. This man puts up with A LOT of experimentation and nuttiness from me, but this time stuck with me through the process. I am beyond proud of him.

I needed plenty of convincing.  Having lived, breathed and been totallyinvested in (but, ahem, never actually done) most of the Oprah/Dr. Oz/WeightWatchers diets, and been even more devastated than Katie when they didn’t yield the “right” results, I was skeptical about Whole30.  Skeptical is what I do, and I’m a pro.  And it wasn’t even a commitment issue, I‘m pretty good at that (for a guy, at least).  It just seemed so wrong to view carbs as the problem – everyone knows that they should make up most of your diet, right?  Fine, maybe not a box of donut holes, but whole grain bread, crunchy cereal, pasta, FRUIT? I’m physically and mentally active, so if the fire is hot enough it will burn anything I throw in. Nooooo, I was not going to wander into another fad diet.  

I don’t like being fooled but neither do I like being wrong, and there was something that made sense about this Lean and Green gig.  So I gave it a shot and it turns out that, once again, received wisdom is actually deceived wisdom.  The light-bulb moment for me was realizing that its not about denying yourself anything, just deciding to be well informed and experiencing food as physical fuel rather than an emotional solution.  Well, that and the fact that I felt AWESOME, looked pretty good, had more energy, and just seemed lighter in body and mind.

This is my second time through Whole 30 and I am a fan.  I will never preach it, but I will always recommend it. I’m fortunate that I have not had the massive highs and crashing lows of withdrawal that many people experience, and that is because of my beautiful, wonderful, crazy spouse Katie Hill.  She talked me into it and has guided me all the way.  I am now eating more food, and eating it more regularly, than ever and I feel great.  And it tastes so good!

I have to admit that I recently had a minor lapse but it was a conscious choice, not an emotional band-aid or part of an unconscious routine.  Even better, not only was the Sunrise Burger very tasty, it came with a free side of insight (thanks, Nitty Gritty).  This is fine, but its not as good as I imagined.  Sure I ate the whole thing and enjoyed it, but it occurred to me that I hadn’t actually missed any of this crap because my new regular diet is so much more satisfying, nourishing, and colorful. That burger was simultaneously delicious and meh, and certainly not the long-awaited return of my oldest friend.  It was actually kinda awkward.  But that’s OK, I guess we both moved on – and he sure has plenty of other friends to hang with.