Day Twenty Two: Deep Freeze & Hibernation

It's -4 degrees outside.  Typical Wisconsin weather. It's not unexpected, but every time it gets this hellishly cold, I feel a deep hibernation coming on.  I am so tired.  I am so cold.  I feel lethargic and a bit cranky.  I can't blame this on Whole30, I know it happens anytime it gets this cold.  Normally I eat my way into hibernation (I actually ate mac n cheese AND mashed potatoes once) but this time, I'm drinking tea.  Ah, how things change so quickly. 

Hot yoga today was an amazing antidote.  Each time I walk into the hot room, I feel more like I can relax.  It's busy this time of year, and hot yoga just makes sense.  I'm always amazed at all the people needing to feel the warmth of a hot yoga class, many for the first time.  Come dear ones, enjoy my cure for the winter blues.  Tonight I had class imagine they were on a beach, listening to reggae music and flowing through our sequence.  Bliss. 

It's strange to know that Month 1 of this amazing year is almost over.  I'm looking forward to the success stories of my comrades in the coming days.  

Going to drink something hot and cuddle up with my honey.  Hibernation - Whole30 style.