Day Eighteen: Slowing down

Today I stood at my counter with a totally empty tummy,  switching between eating an apple and a (big) spoonful of almond butter.  I had 20 mintues before I had to leave to teach yoga, and I knew I needed something in my stomach, or I would just fall over in front of 35+ people.  'My yoga teacher passed out from hunger in class tonight" - Not exactly the image I want to project. 

After yoga, I realized how silly it was to cram food down my gullet.  I am starting to revert to my old habits of not taking time for me.  ( Once upon a time, I was one of those New Yorkers who folded a slice of pizza in half length-wise and rammed it down my throat WHILE walking fast, and talking on my phone! GREAT for the digestion!)  I needed a mere 15 minutes to sit down and eat - so my central nervous system was calm, and my brain knew I was ok - rather than in fight or flight waiting for the wooly mammoth to come into my kitchen and snatch my food from my hand before eating me.  

Conversely, I had a long, leisurely lunch with a friend and fellow yoga teacher - one where we connected, talked, explored ideas, and came away feeling good.  Plus we had fully bellies.  It was delightful and I left feeling grounded and centered and nourished, both physically AND spiritually. 

It's so good for me to slow down, take some time, and respect my body's need to eat, relax, and just be.  I'm going to focus on that this weekend, even though it will be a busy one.  

Here's to slowing down......