Day Ten-Thirteen: Busy Bee

Wow. Life got busy for a little bit there.  Work was, uh, stressful (that's the best word for it) and between birthday parties, meetings with friends, yoga, and cooking, I've been away from my computer.  C'est la vie.  

Part of the reason for the lack of writing is that I am starting to settle into feeling GOOD and full of energy again.  Amen for that.  Yesterday I thought I would treat myself to a nap, and as it turns out, I wasn't tired.  Turning a nap away is not like me.  Progress. 

I'm fighting the lazy vibe, because now we go into the second third of the month, and it becomes less about "this crazy new thing I'm doing" and more about, 'oh boy, I'm hungry and there is nothing to eat because I was lazy and didn't cook anything this Sat.".  So, I'm regrouping a bit and settling in for a good week. 

Traveling for work this week, and am prepping for the flight with chicken and vegetables.  Zipping up the anti-temptation suit and getting ready to walk right past the airport food porn and not even take a little peek.   

Here's what I've been eating.  What's on your plate?